Leeds Stove Centre Proud to be Awarded Esse Approval

ESSE, a company that has been hand-building stoves and cast iron range cookers for over 150 years have now added Leeds Stove Centre to their list of approved suppliers. Leeds Stove Centre are a leading supplier of wood burning, multi-fuel and gas stoves. The company is located Leeds, Yorkshire and they claim to have one Continue reading

Save Money With A Wood Burning Stove In Leeds

  The question is often asked, can spending money on a wood burning stove save you money in the long run? The simple answer, is yes. Though buying a wood burning stove may seem like a large expense at the outset, as time passes it is likely that you will begin to see the price Continue reading

Low Cost Stoves in Leeds

  Looking for a low cost stove in Leeds? Look no further than the Leeds Stove Centre. Adding a wood burning stove to your home, or even upgrading your existing wood burning stove to a new one, can prove costly. However, we believe that stoves should be a cost effective and affordable addition to your Continue reading

The Leeds Stove Centre Ethos

Buying a new wood burning stove takes thought, decision making and the willingness to contact the experts; this is where we come in. The Leeds Stove Centre ethos is includes a combination of things, such as: ● Exceptional customer service ● Offering affordable, low cost stoves ● Providing a full range of products Providing affordable Continue reading

Prepare for next winter by installing a Gas Fire

Winter can be a difficult time for humans. It’s time to ensure that we have all our requirements to stay warm and maintain our health. We need warm clothing, heating and fuel for it. A gas fire can be of great benefit, especially if it’s installed before winter arrives. One of the benefits of the Continue reading

Add Charm With a Wood Burning Stove

Many people love the warmth and the charm that emanates from a wood burning stove. Some enjoy the lifestyle that a stove offers. Tasks such as the early morning chopping of wood, the carrying of it inside with the dog running close behind and the setting of a roaring fire that can be enjoyed with Continue reading

The Different Examples of Fireplaces

Bradford is one of the coldest yet most attractive places in this world at the present time. The place is well known as a home of high quality fireplaces that are made of durable and fire-resistant materials. And such fireplaces are equipped with excellent features that will keep the house of the residents of Bradford Continue reading

The Important Fireplace Accessories in Yorkshire

The different examples of fire places in the area of West Yorkshire need excellent fireplace accessories in Leeds to achieve more efficient performance and extreme durability for several years. These products were created for the benefit of those individuals who have fireplaces in the houses particularly in the location of Leeds. These accessories are made Continue reading

When we cooked on open fires.

When I was a young boy my grandparents lived in a remote cottage in Wales. It was a wonderful cottage with a huge garden where they grew all their own fruit and vegetables. They even kept chickens and a pig. The main room was the parlour, and it contained a huge fire range with a Continue reading