Burley Holywell Woodburning Stove

The Burley Holywell Woodburning Stove

Heating the home can be an astronomical expense. Conventional heating systems can cost a fortune because their primary heating source is electricity. Every year electricity costs increase and so does the monthly bill. People are now turning to more traditional methods to heat their home during the frigid winter months. In the time before heating and cooling systems came standard with every home purchase, people heated their homes with natural forms of heating.

Natural forms of heating are most commonly accomplished with the use of woodburning stoves. In days gone by the woodburning stoves were the central point of all homes. The heat was distributed evenly from the central location and effectively heated the entire home. Often times the stove was used as the primary cooking element as well.

The woodburning strove has come into a rebirth in recent years. People are turning away from expensive heating systems and returning to the natural and traditional heating solutions that require far less expense.

Newly Designed

The new woodburning stoves offer far more than the stoves of old. As the older models were good for heating, they also had their shortcomings. Cleaning the older style stoves required a great deal of effort and the room containing the stove often grew considerably hot so the heat could be transferred to the entire house.

One of our most popular stoves solves these problems with the addition of hot convected air that is distributed through the home far easier than simply relying on standard heat distribution. The Burley Holywell Woodburning Stove is also DEFRA approved for burning wood and is room sealed so there is no danger of excess heat being lost while using the stove. In addition to these added elements the Burley Holywell Woodburning Stove is equipped with a wider viewing window than that of standard woodburning stoves. This allows for more radiant heat and a lovely view of the fire inside.

No Foggy Windows

One problem with many of the older style woodburning stoves is that the glass used for the viewing window had a tendency to accumulate suit from the stove and would become foggy and unclear. The new and improved double glazed windows will not fog up and will stay clear so your romantic fire will give your years of viewing pleasure as well as heat your home.


When purchasing a new woodburning stove wood storage is an issue. Most people have a good storage system for storing wood outdoors, but no consideration for how to store the wood on the inside of the home. In home wood storage becomes an afterthought until the night becomes extremely cold and the inhabitants of the home would rather let the fire die out than go out into the bitter cold of the night to retrieve more wood.

The Burly Holywell Woodburning Stove can be purchased with an extended base to bring the stove to new heights for maximum heating capabilities. The base is also the perfect storage place for extra wood, so no one has to be inconvenienced with the bitterly cold venture into the darkness of the outdoors.

A Few Precautions

The Burly Holywell Woodburning Stove is part of the Burly T series. These stoves are designed to be wood burning only. This means that the stove will burn logs, sawdust, briquettes, and pellets, but nothing else. Rubbish should never be burned in the stove and the use of liquid accelerators will violate the terms of the guarantee we offer with each stove we sell.

Beautiful Design

We at the Leeds Stove Centre understand that style is important to all of our customers. You spend a great deal of your hard earned money and time to ensure that your home is in a style that reflects your personality. We take great measures in the design of our stoves to ensure that they are all functional as well as beautiful. We offer a wide variety of stoves to our customers to give them the opportunity to choose they style that is right for them.

If you are in the market for a new woodburing stove please come visit us at www.leedsstovecentre.co.uk today and see what we have to offer you. The Burley Holywell Woodburning Stove however, can be viewed on our website, but purchase must be made in our store. We have a beautiful in-store display of the Burley Holywell Woodburning Stove so you can get an idea of what exactly you are buying and how it may fit with the décor of your home.

We look forward to meeting you and developing an ongoing relationship to help you with all of your heating needs. Leeds Stove Centre’s customer service representatives are highly qualified and well versed in all of the stoves we sell. Please allow us to help you with your new purchase. It would be our pleasure to serve you and get you the stove you have always dreamed of.

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