Parkray Stoves


Parkray has been the leading name in solid fuel and wood-burning stoves since 1978. Our stoves are renowned for quality of design, innovative technologies and exceptional workmanship.

Whether you’re looking for a contemporary, multi-fuel stove to fit into a small space, or a family-sized wood-burner to heat water and home, you’ll find it at Parkray.

Whether you knew it or not, you’ve probably warmed your toes in front of a Parkray stove – perhaps as a child, perhaps more recently. Parkray has been the leading name in solid fuel stoves for more than a century…


Continual development

The innovations in our Consort range – like the ‘Cleanburn’ and ‘Airwash’ systems – are the results of continual product development. Our engineers work from the factory in Devon to test new systems designed to reduce environmental impact and conserve heat for better efficiency. Parkray has pioneered research and development for more than a century, and will continue to do so.


Accredited and acclaimed

When you buy a solid fuel stove – or any heating appliance for your home – you should check that it reaches British standards. Every Parkray stove is built to comply with the efficiency levels set by HETAS. This government-accredited organisation measures the efficiency of home heating appliances, and lists approved models on its website. Our multi-fuel stoves are designed to be used with fuel that is recommended by the Solid Fuel Association.


150 years of heritage

Parkray has been producing heating components since 1850. Originally known as ‘Park Foundry’, the company quickly become the leading name in solid fuel appliances. Today, Parkray is based near Exeter in Devon. We’re still developing innovative features for solid fuel heating – we’re still building every stove to the highest standards – and we’re still leading the way in multi-fuel heating.



All our units require a clearance of 150mm (6″) on either side, and 50mm (2″) clear at the back. The hearth should extend 300mm (12″) in front of the appliance (From the door opening).

All of these clearance specifications are for non combustible materials

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