Cleanburn Stoves

Every stove in the Cleanburn range is certified by an independent Danish laboratory. Cleanburn surpasses environmental standards with an incredibly low emission rate


Environmentally Better

Fresh air is a very precious commodity. Approved under the Clean Air Act, Cleanburn stoves feature technology to keep carbon emissions at a record-breaking low. And it’s not just the environment you’re saving.


Economically Better

You could also save a bundle on fuel. Efficiency levels on these stoves range from 73.4% to 78.9% – which adds up to smaller fuel bills. A bundle of logs or smokeless fuel will provide more warmth, for longer, than it would in an alternative stove.


Everyway Better

Whether you choose Cleanburn for the money-saving potential or the cleaner chimney, it’s not just your family who benefits. Your home is reducing emissions and contributing to a cleaner future. And doesn’t that


Measure and customise your stove

Check the dimensions to see if your favourite stove will fit into the space you have in mind.

Next, select your model – the Løvenholm, Nørreskoven and Sønderskoven all come in Traditional, Pedestal or European styles.

Traditional is the classic-look stove with short legs; Pedestal is mounted on a column; and the European style features a built-in log store.

Now, specify whether you’d like a single or double door.

Your stove is built to order at our assembly line in Devon.

We look forward to delivering your Cleanburn stove!



With all our units it is safe to install with a clearance of 2″ (50mm) either side, behind and above the stove to NON Combustible material. However for optimum performance and heat output we recommend a clearance of 6″ (150mm). To enable adjustment of the tertiary air inlet we recommend a clearance of 4″ (100mm) behind the stove.

Please note clearances can differ depending on installation, therefore please check the relevant installation manuals for accurate and precise clearance details. These manuals can be found on our website

For all our units the hearth should extend 300mm in front of the appliance (from the door opening) All of these clearance specifications are for non combustible materials.



All Cleanburn Stoves Authorised Dealers provide you with a standard 2 year warranty*. Cleanburn Stoves also come with a 5 year casting warranty*

For full warranty specifications please visit

( *Naturally wearing consumables such as glass, bricks, baffles, log retainers etc are excluded from this warranty. **The casting warranty does not cover items such as grate parts etc. )