Beat the gas prices – get a wood burning stove

Beat the gas prices – Get a wood burning stove 

The demand for wood burning stoves has significantly increased. It is now considered to be the new in thing to have at homes. There are a lot of reasons why more people should opt to go for wood burning stoves instead and here are some reasons to prove why:


Burning wood releases a unique heat that gives a room a more rustic and fuzzy ambiance and feel to it, whereas fuel feels rather artificial. Another unique characteristic of wood burning stoves is that wood, even after the fire has died down, still continues to emit heat and keeping the room warmer for a longer time. Wood burners also give a simple room a distinct personality so it will work as a great addition if you are looking to spice up your home interior.

Cost efficient

With the ever increasing prices of electricity, gas and oil we are seeing nowadays, heating systems at home can get really costly. There are many new innovations and technology out there that will help you cut heating cost but the good ‘ol wood is still the cheapest one out there. Wood is not only cheaper than fuel, gas or oil, it also burns slower, a character that makes it more cost-effective.


Gas, coal and oil are precious energy resources that should be utilised properly and efficiently. They belong to what is known as non-renewable energy. Non-renewable energy sources means that their supply will run out one of these days and we should quickly find alternatives. If we can then use wood to heat up our house, why waste precious gas and fuel? Even electricity production uses fossil fuels that are also non-renewable energy resource and are not available in unlimited quantity.  Due to this increase of demand for services that require the use of non-renewable resources, the price of electricity and gas will increase dramatically. Fuel produced by wood on the other hand is renewable energy as trees can be planted and all those which were turned into fire wood will eventually be replaced.


With the increase of demand for electricity and the more quantities of it people are using, black outs or power cuts have become common occurrence. This is particularly inconvenient during the winter season where the temperature can drop to sub zero levels. Power cuts during the winters will mean that you cannot turn on your electrical heaters! Imagine the horror! Not only that, natural calamities can also affect the power supply. All these factors however, do not affect the functionality of wood burners.

Environmently Friendly

Unlike gas, coal and fossil fuels, using wood for generating heat is environment friendly. Burning wood does not change the levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere nor does it burn a hole in the ozone layer (the protective coating around the Earth that shields us from the harmful ultra violet rays). The smoke produced from burning wood is then filtered by other trees and the new trees that were planted to replace the ones turned into fire wood.

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