Advantages of Multi Fuel Stoves

Multi Fuel Stoves

At The Leeds Stove Centre, we provide a large choice of multi fuel stoves to the whole of the UK. We pride ourselves on only supplying the highest quality multi fuel stoves with a variety of designs such as traditional styled and modern sleek designs. But the question we hear consistently in our showroom, is – “What are the advantages of multifuel stoves?”. This blog post is aimed to answer this question.



There are many different advantages to buying a multi fuel stove, but here are our top five reasons:

Choice of Fuels

The great thing about a multi fuel stove is that they can burn a range of different fuels, this includes wood, peat and coal. However please note that wood is best burnt in dedicated wood burning stoves. With the recent soar in fuel prices, more and more people have decided to invest in a multi fuel stove for their home. This is due to the complete flexibility that a multi fuel stove offers. If the price of coal rises and the price of wood stays low, you can easily switch from coal to wood to save money.

Highly Efficient

Multi fuel stoves are extremely efficient, with some stoves boasting an efficiency rating of 80% plus. Having a high efficient  stove  means that you are getting the most out of your multi fuel stove. The heat which is produced from burning wood or coal is maintained, and not lost through the chimney or flue. Also, multi fuel stoves will reduce the amount of fuel it uses to create heat. In addition, many of our multi fuel stoves offer a clean burn system which will recycle the excess gases to the flames to be burnt off efficiently.

Easy to Use

The operation of  a multi fuel stove is incredibly easy, on the majority of multi fuel stoves the controls are easy to use. Often its just the case of turning a nob for higher heat, or lower heat. To light the stove is as simple as lighting a match, before you know it your multi fuel stove will be blasting out warm heat into your living room.

Long Lasting

Not only can a multi fuel stove heat your home for many hours, but they are well and truly built to last the test of time. At Leeds Stove Centre we only stock top quality stoves from the leading manufacturers, therefore you can be rest assured that when you buy a stove from us its going to last. Many multi fuel stoves are built from cast iron, one of the strongest metals, this enables the stoves to reach high temperatures without the metal bending or flexing under the hear.

Good Looks

Many people decide to purchase a multi fuel stove as an efficient way to heat their home. However not only do they heat your home, they also look fantastic! Buying a multi fuel stove creates a real focal point in any room, offering a warm cosy feeling on those winters nights. With such a variety of designs and colours to choose from, your certain to find the ideal multi fuel stove at Leeds Stove Centre!

If you have any questions about any of our multi fuel stoves, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our stove experts by calling 0113 2191 176 or via the contact us page.

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