Add Charm With a Wood Burning Stove

Many people love the warmth and the charm that emanates from a wood burning stove. Some enjoy the lifestyle that a stove offers. Tasks such as the early morning chopping of wood, the carrying of it inside with the dog running close behind and the setting of a roaring fire that can be enjoyed with friends and family.

Let’s explore what you what need to know about the wood burning stove:

The wood burning stove usually has a square body to it which contains the burning fire. A pipe will run out of the top of it to emit the smoke as a chimney. Some chimneys are constructed of metal in order to retain as much heat as possible. Others may be made of masonry, but they will usually offer less insulation and may look too large for some types of rooms.

On the stove’s bottom you will find a slab of concrete possibly with a type of cover over it. The slab may have tiles on it or marble or slate. The walls of the wood stove will be protected to prevent them from being combustible. Some stove will come with fans and thermometers to ensure that the stove does not get too hot.

Before you build your first fire you will need to ensure that you are familiar with the parts of your wood burning stove. Get to know what each part does and how it will operate in order to keep you safe. If anything does not look right, then you may need to ask a professional for advice.

If you need advice with your wood burning stove, call us. We are happy to provide guidance or to introduce you to the latest news and products in the home fire place range.

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