A Wood Stove: The Secret to Enjoying Heating Efficiency


Wood stove heating efficiency differs between each model. However it is not always understood what benefits can come from heating the home with wood. If you already have an open fireplace then you may already be aware that the efficiency of that in terms of heat is just 10%. So you are receiving 10% of the heat that it generates. When it comes to the most basic of wood stoves, you can expect to enjoy between and 30% to 50% efficiency. Some higher performing stoves have up to 90% efficiency!

What does this mean when it comes to the cost of your fuel? Take into consideration that a difference between 30% and 90% efficiency will mean that you may burn three times as much wood over the year. This not only equates to more cost, but it’s wasteful and you’ll also have 3 times more work when it comes to preparing for and cleaning up after your fire.

What Is Stove Efficiency?
To put it simply, it’s a measurement of how much of the heat of your firewood ends up in your lounge or living room as opposed to what is lost up the chimney. Testing laboratories use carefully controlled environments to measure this.

The energy in wood is sometimes referred to as chemical energy and you’ll notice that wood sometimes has a rating based on its burning power. Different species of tree has some differences, but typically every kilo of dried wood will contain roughly the same amount of burn power.

Are High Efficiency Stoves A Good Investment?
High performance or high efficiency stoves will generally cost more to purchase. This is partly down to the extra time and energy that has gone into designing something that will work in an improved way. If you plan to burn your stove only a few evenings each year, then a cheaper stove will be suitable. However, if you are going to be depending on it to heat your home on a daily basis in the colder months, then it’s worth spending more to save money and effort in the longer term.

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