6 Reasons Why You Need a Wood Burning Stove

Wood burning stoves are very popular at the moment. It’s no wonder really. There are many reasons why people are buying them.

We’ve picked out the top 6 reasons why you need a wood burning stove in your life.

  1. Everybody loves an open fire. What’s not to love! A wood burning stove gives the authentic feel of one, but it’s low on mess and hard work.
  2. Resale value of your home. Although we don’t have any evidence to show you, we’ve heard that homes sell faster when they’ve got a wood burning stove installed. I guess everybody wants that open fire feeling that makes the family feel as though they are toasty, warm and snug.
  3. The electricity bill. During these financial times, everybody is complaining about the electricity bills. They have been pretty rough to be fair, but with a wood burning stove it’s possible to get them down and keep them down. You can heat the whole of your house with a wood burning stove.
  4. Environmentally friendly. Climate change is on everybody’s lips after such an atrocious winter. Burning wood is far more environmentally friendly than burning oil, coal or gas. In fact, new build construction companies are installing wood burning stoves into their new homes.
  5. Versatility. Not only do they heat a room, a complete home but they can also warm the hot water system and cook. It’s even possible to integrate the solar thermal heating with the wood burning stove to save your pocket and the environment.
  6. The centre piece of a family room. No family will generally sit around a gas boiler as the family centrepiece. However, a wood burning stove is another story. It brings warmth, comfort, joy and that all around good feeling of being at the centre of the family home.

Wood burning stoves bring us many pleasantries, from financial to emotional. These are our top 6 reasons why our customers buy them, what are yours?

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