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How Are Flueless Gas Fires Better?

Gas fires have more recently become very popular in the home. Those who are no longer looking to the more traditional methods of heating the home, are now installing gas fires. Offering a convenient and elegant method of heating, the gas fire is also healthier. No more dust or fumes to inhale, the gas fire Continue reading

Prepare for next winter by installing a Gas Fire

Winter can be a difficult time for humans. It’s time to ensure that we have all our requirements to stay warm and maintain our health. We need warm clothing, heating and fuel for it. A gas fire can be of great benefit, especially if it’s installed before winter arrives. One of the benefits of the Continue reading

Add Charm With a Wood Burning Stove

Many people love the warmth and the charm that emanates from a wood burning stove. Some enjoy the lifestyle that a stove offers. Tasks such as the early morning chopping of wood, the carrying of it inside with the dog running close behind and the setting of a roaring fire that can be enjoyed with Continue reading

Buying Wood Burning Stoves Online

Global warming has been mentioned a lot in the news recently. It seems that our winters are not going to be the same with more rain falling and the possibility of flooding being greater than it used to be. It’s time for us to do what we can to help to protect our environment. We Continue reading

Why Use a Defra Approved Stove?

Gas and electricity are not the only sources of energy that can be used to fuel a stove. Cooking and heating of living spaces was necessary way before gas and electricity came onto the scene. Most of these early types of stove use involved using wood as the fuel. This is often the case with Continue reading