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Stay Safe With Your Wood Burner

It’s during cold weather spells that the most house fires occur. Wood burners can increase this risk. Losing your home and all your belongings is not something to take lightly, however, having a wood burner in your home does come with risks, just like with any major household heating appliance. In today’s article we investigate Continue reading

3 Ways Your Wood Stove Will Save You Money & The Environment

If you’re on our blog site, you are either investigating the possibility of buying a wood stove, or you have already got one installed and want to get the maximum return from your investment. Whichever the case is, we’ve got some great ideas on how you can stretch your budget further whilst you help the Continue reading

Customer Questions: Why Does My Wood Burning Stove Smoke?

We recently heard from one of our customers who asked us this question about their wood burning stove that was causing a lot of smoke: Q. I recently installed a wood burning stove in my home and I have put a stainless-steel flue on the outside of the house. The flue gets very cold even Continue reading

Why is Black So Hot When Almond is Cool?

A modern fire shouldn’t produce so much smoke or smears that you notice significant smudges on your heating appliance. So why are most wood burning stoves and even smokeless imitation gas and electric appliances coloured Black? Is there a brighter alternative? A reason to keep it Black may be that a neutral colour matches any Continue reading

Tips for Using a Wood burning Stove

Whether you’re new to wood burning stoves, or you’ve had one installed for years, we’ve got some tips for you on using it to its full potential. Water doesn’t burn This is a really key point to remember when burning wood. Wood that has not been seasoned and is still green, can hold up to Continue reading

Information About Fuels For Multi Fuel Stoves

Since the Clean Air Act was introduced in the UK in 1956, there has been a distinct lack of London smog. It was the burning of coal that was generally at the root of this issue and clean air zones were encouraged by the councils of many towns and cities at this time to combat Continue reading

10 Things To Know About Multi Fuel Stoves

Just as the name says, it’s possible to burn a number of different fuels in a multi fuel stove. These popular heating choices make it easier to be an environmentally friendly household and to avoid the use of financially and environmentally expensive fossil fuels. These reasons are what makes the multi fuel stove so popular. Continue reading

The Important of Chimney Cleaning for Wood and Multi-fuel Stoves

Although wood stoves are highly efficient (you can expect 70%-80% output compared with just 20%-25% for an open fireplace) there is still a need to clean the chimney in order to prevent fires developing as a result of soot deposits.   Why Do Chimneys Get Sooted? In theory, well-seasoned wood that is burnt in a Continue reading