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Quick Tips to Increase Fireplace Efficiency

With the onset of winter, upgrading a fireplace to its maximum efficiency is one of the many things you may be looking for to keep you house warm. Modern fireplaces come with advanced features that make them much more energy efficient than the older versions. If you are looking for ways to increase the efficiency Continue reading

High Efficiency Gas Fires are the Solution to Price Hikes

  As our long lovely summer draws to a close many of us are turning our attentions once again to heating our homes. Every year it seems we work harder just to pay for the essentials, spending hours in the office so we can meet the weekly bills. With gas prices showing no signs of Continue reading

Why Should I Buy an Electric Stove?

Electric stoves have gained popularity because electricity is readily available all around the world.  And at the same time, one does not have to make too much effort in maintaining these electric stoves.  Given below are seven reasons why you should consider buying an electric stove. Low Installation Costs – An electric stove is very Continue reading

Using Multi Fuel Stoves Efficiently

With energy prices rising every year, multi fuel stoves are growing in popularity and this trend is not looking like it’s going to pass any time soon. Generally they are used to heat up your home during the winter. Although multi fuel stoves can burn other fuels, most people use them to burn wood. Effectively Continue reading