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Drying Firewood For Your Fireplace

When it comes to lighting fires in the fireplace, it’s actually quite a skill that improves with practice. For example, if the wood isn’t dry enough, it’s not going to burn. If you don’t have some sort of kindling then it will also be difficult to get things going. Let’s explore what you need to Continue reading

A Wood Stove: The Secret to Enjoying Heating Efficiency

  Wood stove heating efficiency differs between each model. However it is not always understood what benefits can come from heating the home with wood. If you already have an open fireplace then you may already be aware that the efficiency of that in terms of heat is just 10%. So you are receiving 10% Continue reading

Save The Environment; Use Wood Burning Stove

The growing dangers of global warming are a matter of concern for all of us. The excessive burning of fossil fuels has led to this menace and we can save our environment by starting from our home. Instead of using fossil fuels, we should use fuel-efficient stoves for heating your rooms. Wood burning and pellet Continue reading

Why Wood Burning Stoves Are Environmentally Friendly

One of the most appealing features of wood burning stoves is that they are significantly cost effective when it comes to heating a home with renewable energy. In this case ‘renewable’ means that the wood that you use can be replaced by growing more. We have recently discussed this with wood experts and they have informed Continue reading