10 Things To Know About Multi Fuel Stoves

Just as the name says, it’s possible to burn a number of different fuels in a multi fuel stove. These popular heating choices make it easier to be an environmentally friendly household and to avoid the use of financially and environmentally expensive fossil fuels. These reasons are what makes the multi fuel stove so popular.

However, if you’re still pondering whether a multi fuel stove is for you, then look at these facts to help you make your mind up.


  1. This type of fuel stove is very versatile. Whether you want one in your bedroom, living room or dining room, they are suitable and safe.
  2. They can be operated with the doors open for an open fire, or with the doors closed to prevent spitting of wood and to provide more heat.
  3. Available in a variety of designs, they are also available for every budget.
  4. You can find one to suit your home whether your taste is more traditional or contemporary.
  5. We recommend that you take advice on whether to line your chimney before you install a new stove.
  6. Arrange with a registered chimney sweep to get your chimney swept regularly.
  7. Whether you want to burn wood, coal or even peat, the multi fuel stove could be your perfect choice.
  8. The multi fuel stove offers the opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint of your household.
  9. Interior designers are great fans of these types of stoves and you will often see them in the latest home design magazines.
  10. Multi fuel stoves are far more efficient than an open fire. You can expect an output of between 70%-85% compared to just 20%-25% from an open fireplace.

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